Have you ever wanted to volunteer…


but weren’t sure how to?

When our boys were about 8 & 10, Disneyland was doing a promotion called “Give a Day, Get a Day”.  Disneyland would give you a free one-day pass to the park if you gave a day of service to one of their approved charitable organizations. Wait there was a catch….you had to apply to Disneyland at the same time thousands of other people were trying to apply for this free promotion.

Our oldest son, Caleb, was relentless. He kept refreshing the page, trying again and again to get in. He was not going to go down easily. He wanted a free day at Disneyland with his family and he was willing to give a day of service to make that happen. One thing stood between him and that goal – the application process!

Do you think our son’s relentless persistence paid off? It did and we were introduced to a charity that we have grown to love through the years.

Click the link below to find out which amazing organization we love to make simple blankets for…